The Pharmacy HjortenThe Norwegian Pharmacy Museum (Norsk Farmasihistorisk Museum) was founded in 1963.  The museum has its own separate board. The members are he Director of Norsk Folkemuseum plus representatives from organisations and institutions connected with Norwegian pharmacy. Norsk Folkemuseum is responsible for the running and administration of the museum which has its own society of members.

The aim of the museum is to develop and present knowledge about the history of pharmacy and to promote cooperation within this field. The particular focus is on pharmacy in Norway, from the establishement of the first privileged outlet in 1595 to the present day.

The Norwegian Pharmacy Museum is situated in The General’s residence.

The General’s Residence

The museum is housed in The General’s Residence (Generalitetsgården). From 1760 it was the official residence of the Commanding General – hence the name. The building forms part of The Old Town at Norsk Folkemuseum.

After several years of construction the museum opened in 1974. The original  collection has increased over the years and at present comprises more than 19 000 items. Work with collecting, catalouging and presenting the museum is continous and is, to a large extent, carried out by members. Prior to the beginning of the 20th century, pharmaceutical activity was mostly carried out in pharmacies, so the museum is, by and large, a ”museum of pharmacies”.

The Herbal Garden

The Herbal Garden at Norsk Farmasihistorisk Museum was opened in 1982. It has a selection of the most usual medicinal plants mentioned in ancient Norse medicinal textbooks, old legends and traditional remedies. Altogether there are 160 different herbs, trees and shrubs. The garden combines elements from old monastic, original botanical and pharmacy gardens. European monastic herb gardens can be traced back to late antiquity.

Opening Hours:

1 May - 1 September:
Every Sunday 11:00 - 16:00.


Norsk Farmasihistorisk Museum
Norsk Folkemuseum
Museumsveien 10,
N-0287 Oslo

Curator Erika Ravne Scott
Secretary Hanne Ottesen

Tel: (+47) 22 12 37 00

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